The Myth of the Moderate

Here’s the conversation we should be having but aren’t as we prepare for elections:

The Democratic Party is, depending on the gracious generosity of the observer, teetering on the brink or it has dived headlong off the cliff of “Can Safely or Reasonably Govern.”


The crazy has quieted because they’ve been in power for 2 years and busy implementing.


But remember, this is the party that has normalized and heartily advocated ending the Electoral College, packing the courts, adding states, rioting and mayhem in response to absolutely legal elections, appointments, and judicial rulings they dislike. They have bribed and accepted bribes, bowed out, bowed down, and now entering a new and exciting phase where we seek to jail opposition or exclude them from ballots. They have undermined parents, sought to overturn states’ rights, and corrupted anything that was good or trustworthy about education or medicine.


And that’s just the crazy things they’ve said, not even the crazy things they’ve done.


Defund the police? That wasn’t an off-the-cuff remark by the fringe, it was a platform. They ran on it. And we are living in its results.  As one faction tries to distance themselves and walk the stupid back, Cori Bush doubles down on it every chance she gets. “If you could do it again, would you still double down or use that slogan, defund the police?” ABSOLUTELY. At least she’s honest.

How are you feeling about crime now? How can one who does not think man is even capable of evil–apart from dissent–govern appropriately?


CRT/Gender/Queer theory? Again, once radical ideologies now adopted and normalized by an entire party.  We are well past just assuming everything’s fine. We are now in the “we need watchdogs for hospitals who are performing mastectomies on minors” chapter of this political horror story.

How are you feeling about our education system? Have you seen the hysterical teachers on Libs of TikTok? Where is the conservative targeting equivalent? You don’t see any fomenting teachers in polos and dockers delighting in how they have introduced racism into their classroom, squealing about sneaking in confederate flags behind bulletin boards and trying to engage in conversations with students about their heteronormativity. Why is that? Because sanity. Because morality.

Have you noticed the instances of parents rising up recently, forcing change locally…only to be undone by a federal judge? This week an activist judge refused to define “woman” and another blocked school districts from notifying parents about changes in their own child’s gender identity. Whose party do they reflect?


Our current economic crisis? Or as Joy Behar claims, the dawn of greater personal wealth.  Tell me you are out of touch with the common man without telling me you are out of touch with the common man. We are so naive.

This is not their policies failing, this is their policies succeeding.

Destabilize. Redistribute. Force dependence. Inflation is not the unfortunate byproduct—it’s the intended fruit. How are you feeling about the economy?


The Democratic party’s response to immigration and border security? The optics of the politically useful cages, now long forgotten. BUT NOT CHANGED OR SOLVED. The only thing different now is the number in coffins, from trafficking and fentanyl. The number of border cities in overwhelming crisis has grown. Now, the sanctuary cities of NYC and LA feeling a fraction of the weight, are boohooing and buckling under it. Welcome, to our reality of the middle, my coastal friends.


How’s the border policy looking now that we have open antisemitism in our streets and schools, and officials testifying on capitol hill this week about the likelihood of terrorist cells already on our soil?

There’s no need for moderate republicans anymore, because there is no such thing as a moderate democrat to work with.

We have gone to extremes, one side in radicalism and the other side in response to radicalism. Who are they gonna run—Puddin’ Pops or Kamala? Hillary? Bernie? Mayor Pete who’s crashed and grounded transportation?

Trying to pass off Biden/Harris as moderates in 2020 was laughable…and yet it worked! Because people don’t really care if it’s true or not. Being a moderate in a party of misfits and Maoists is pointless.


Who’s your moderate this go round? Newsom? Let me just roll my eyes like energy brown outs in California.


If there are any democrats left in the now Radical Party, you need to purge your party. If not, you cannot be trusted to be in power.


Not when you have stated, as though it’s a reasonable idea, and executed without impunity, the complete overthrowing of our government institutions, the weaponization of government agencies, and the interference in the election of 2024 by way of political prosecution.


As for the elephants in the room? There is simply no need for moderate Republicans anymore.


There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat to reach across the aisle towards. Might as well honor the values you espoused to win your seat and quit placating in the middle. The middle is gone. It was barricaded, blocked off, and set ablaze by radicals.


There’s a larger quieter group than either party realizes who understood 2020 rightly and are watching to see if we have free and fair elections, ever again.

Extremists by today’s standards–sane, rational, and objective by every other reasonable metric.


Surely, you see this.

–Your Friendly Neighborhood Extremist

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