The Dangerous Man in Your House

Houston, we have a Speaker. Woohoo!

And a problem. Well, dang.


The good news is that the House has elected a Speaker. Finally. Unanimously (within the GOP). The bad news is that the Speaker they elected, Mike Johnson, is a dangerous, dogmatic extremist. Womp womp.


An extremist in an era of extremes. We need not look very far to see the dangers of extremism. Turn on the news. Look to Israel and the Middle East. Extremism. Look to the mobs who overlook realities and facts to hold to radical ideologies. Look to the airport in Russia, where “protesters” stormed a plane shouting antisemitic slurs and asking, “Where are the Jews?!” Extremists. Racist extremists.


Was Mike Johnson in Israel or Gaza? No. Was Mike Johnson tearing down posters of kidnapped children or occupying the capitol waving an ISIS flag? Nope. On a plane? Plotting destruction or disruption? Huh uh.


No matter, he is still an extremist. Even though our own administration struggles to identify an extremist when they see one. Sometimes. Parents at school board meetings questioning why pornography should be allowed in schools or their children sexualized, manipulated, or mutilated? Easy. Extremists.


But this very week, when Peter Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre if the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protestors in this country—who have chanted “Intifada! From the River to the Sea…” who have spit on Jews, caused Jews to shelter in place on college campuses, called the attack on October 7th an act of resistance and referred to the kidnapped children as “settlers” who are responsible for their own assault…are extremists, KJP refused to call them extremists.


What a bunch of hypocrites. They identify rightly when it serves a purpose, and only if the purpose is their own. The democratic party grooms radicals foolishly thinking they can be controlled as long as they are called friend or ally.


Charlottesville and thus the entirety of the GOP? Extremists. MAGA or Trump supporters? Extremists. Anyone at all present January 6th in DC or anyone at all who questions the integrity of an election, (except of course Hillary Clinton or any other democrat) is an extremist. My word, Catholics are extremists. Mike Johnson? Extremist.


Jen Psaki, the former Biden press secretary, the celebrated party pundit of the left says so. In fact, the whole left has clearly received their talking points on Johnson and they include, “extremist…hard right…hate group…religious fundamentalist…with radical views.”


The Bible doesn’t just inform his worldview, it is his worldview. During his first speech in his new job, Johnson suggested that his election was an act of God. Talk about a bit of a humble brag there. So, what exactly has God apparently called Johnson to do? Well, his views on policy are essentially what you would expect from a religious fundamentalist…more divisive than divine.”-Jen Psaki


PSaki helpfully pointed out that Johnson worked for the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom), designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Which means nothing at all. The SPLC is a group of political mercenaries who only attack the conservative right. You know who else has been identified as an extremist by the SPLC? Dr. Ben Carson. He had a Biblical worldview on marriage as well. Ayaan Hursi Ali, a human rights activist is also an extremist according to SPLC. And don’t forget the she-devils, Moms for Liberty. Definitely extremists and worthy of being on the hate group watch list for not wanting the government to parent their children.


Let’s talk about the SPLC Hate List. This is how it breaks down.

Antigovernment hate groups: 702

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups: 63

Antimuslim hate groups: 39

Antisemite hate groups: 9. Just 9. Tens of thousands gathered in streets chanting death to Jews right now…but only 9 antisemitic groups have ever been worthy of being deemed a hate group.

Antichristian hate groups? 0. Are you seeing any patterns here?


There are Christian hate groups…10. There are even “Radical Traditional Catholics,” 9. Such awful groups who have the audacity to exercise religious freedom or submit to Biblical authority over marriage and gender. The monsters.


But there are no groups who hate or persecute Christians, which is such a relief to know. Said no Yazidi or Coptic Christian ever.


Who has not been designated a hate group by the SPLC? Antifa. BLM—not even with their campaign to end whiteness. Not extremists. Not haters. Not even the Chicago chapter with the paraglider posts glorifying murderers. Also, not an extremist…the attorney working for the SPLC who was convicted of throwing Molotov cocktails into a police training center and into police cars, with policeman in them, during an Antifa riot. Nah, she was labeled “employee,” not “extremist.”

Everything is hypocrisy to the hypocrite, except their own hypocrisy. Everything is extremism to the extremist, except their own extremism. We are all radicals now. Half because they actually are and half because the true radicals have no other name for their rightful opposition. Welcome to the club.


I’ve been saying it a while. There is no such thing as a moderate anymore. So quit trying to be. Own the right, or at least the part of it that is right and good. The middle ground has been set on fire and deemed autonomous for open drug use, looting, and rioting in defense of criminals and terrorists. And if you point that out…you are an extremist.


Keep your head on a swivel. By the left’s standards there is an extremist in the House, Mike Johnson; and a dangerous person—an extremist—in your hall and home. YOU.

—Your friendly neighborhood extremist and Salty Citizen.


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