The Abolition of Absolution

We are bearing the fruit of abolition and it is rotten to the core. Rootless and seedless, this tree will not satisfy today’s hunger or tomorrow’s need.


Hitler believed he could condition man to go any which way he wanted them to because he embraced a reality where he himself, was “completely untethered and unbound to any absolute standard of morality…” His own words.


Mussolini also made himself a god on the foundation of relativism, “Relativism signifies contempt for any fixed categories, and contempt for men who adhere to them with objective, eternal truth. The modern relativist believes he has the right to create his own ideology and the right to enforce it with all the energy he is capable of.”


Isn’t this what we are seeing and doing today? Isn’t the lawlessness and Marxism of Antifa and BLM echoing these exact ideas? Isn’t this the depraved defiance of the transgender movement? I am the I AM? And I alone?


In a speech to Hitler Youth, Hitler stated “I freed Germany from the stupid and degrading fallacies of conscience and morality. And now we will train young people before whom the whole world will tremble… a generation capable of violence, without conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.”


America, we have succeeded where Hitler failed. And it did not require the taking up of arms or even the occasional twisting. We did it with passivity, affluence, boredom, sexuality, and “rigorous academia.” Aren’t we so very clever?

What evils we now justify, what destruction we are capable of, what death we exult. Not because we are oppressed or slaves under wicked rule, but BECAUSE WE ARE SO VERY, VERY FREE INDEED.


Free to destroy what is sacred.
Free to operate in tyranny.
Free to drown in both waste AND want.
Free to live in rebellion and irreverence.
Free to deem what is right in our own eyes and cruelly enforce it.


We are a nation of abolitionists.
We have abolished good and God in any form but kept the glory for ourselves.

Absent absolute truth, wisdom, or morality we have created a society of “anything goes.” And believe me, IT WILL ALL GO.


Righteousness is no longer the goal.
“Right for us” will do just fine.

Except it isn’t fine, is it? It is chaos at worst and a controlled decline at best. “Right for us” is so fun–and fatal. We can’t even be objective about what a healthy weight is, lest someone feel shamed. Even as I type this, my computer keeps correcting to “ashamed.” Oh nay, nay. I do not mean ashamed at all, though I wish I did. I wish that we did have a problem with feeling humility or guilt over our choices. But shamed by others, having error pointed out by whomever is brave enough to speak, will have to do.


Think about our response to addiction and the homelessness stemming from it. We enabled and incentivized addiction with clean needles, safe markets, safe use areas, etc. All because we can’t bring ourselves to deem anyone’s desire of anything–a bad thing. We prefer to embrace evil than dare offend.


We abolished gender, marriage, parenting, and family.
And because of those sweeping reforms, we now abolish children and childhood.

We see cities shutter and board up ahead of votes, rulings, and breaking news as destruction and rioting are now foregone conclusions. In preparing to allow it, we encourage it.
We would rather adapt and keep buying glass and plywood, than bear the consequences of having high expectations and enforcing them. No wise person sees completely avoidable destruction ahead and rather than confront it, accepts it in hopes of an opportunity to clean up and rebuild later. The nation we desire requires far more guts and backbone than this nation we have. A brighter tomorrow will require more than being hospitable to chaos, more than respectfully stepping aside for ruin.


We are the generation dictators desired, without values enough to resist, without history enough to defend, without truth enough to reason… without conscience.


The gloom of our doom is that this is in fact, how it is. We have made evil a joke so abstract and subjective; we can’t possibly judge or evaluate it. We might as well enjoy and celebrate it instead.

But as long as there are people of clarity and courage, hope remains. Draw your lines, stand your grounds, speak THE truth, and not some personal or preferential version. The world is waiting on people to object, to dissent, and to break the chains our abolition has won us.


  1. Kay Eskew on October 5, 2022 at 2:32 PM

    Oh, how right you are! And how well put.

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