Update on Target: Hearth & Hand, and Hell in a Handbasket on Aisle 9

*Update: August 17, 2023. As it turns out people did care about Target’s merchandise and Pride Month partnerships. Though none of those people were Chip and Joanna Gaines. Or Target’s executives. Shareholders, yes. Top brass. Huh uh. Target recently revealed that its second-quarter sales dropped by 5.4%, and digital sales by 10.5% over the same period. The backlash from their LGBTQ children’s wear, satanic designs, and “modified” swimsuits cost a total of $14 billion dollars. Leading shareholders to file suits over plunging stock values.


But here is the real lesson. Target’s CEO acknowledged the historic losses were due to fallout over Pride Month merchandise. HE THEN SAID, “THIS WILL NOT DETER TARGET FROM CELEBRATING PRIDE MONTH IN 2024.”


You don’t say. They don’t call it “pride” for nothing, friends. What a picture of sinful man. Isn’t God kind to let us live?**


Wouldn’t it send a strong message if Target had to face the consequences of its duplicity, not with their customers—but their money-making partners?


If only there were some established, Bible-believing, God-honoring brands working with Target who could object to this utter REF-yooss on the basis of what is good and right (I’m looking at you Joanna Gaines and Magnolia.)


Y’all– @Chip. Jojo. This is not good or right. None of it.


The dressing and bathroom issue, became the Pride Month, became the Pride Pop-Up store, became the binding gear for trans, became the tuck-friendly “women’s” swimsuits, became the “We actually hired an anti-God, pro-Satan, self-identifying trans demon who makes violently anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual apparel to make stuff for Pride Month.”


If this is not the red line, where and when could it possibly be?

What would Target have to do to be so irredeemable that you could no longer partner with them in good cons? If hate your God and hate His people is insufficient? And that’s already well passed the “causes destruction, harm, and confusion to children” line.


You are partnered with a principality.

You are profiting off the destructive work of a principality and selling your wares at its temple. And I can’t imagine you need the money. Dark may get to have it both ways, but Light does not. Because Light knows better.


This is one of the few times the clean vs. unclean argument stands.


At some point, we do actually have to push back from the tolerant table and leave. At some point business relationships defer to righteous relationships, or at least the one relationship–with the Father. If the standard is, “Is this God-honoring?” Well, is it?


How many of your customers fully endorse and support your brand, your purpose, and your principals… and fall into the “transphobes who must be eradicated” category, simply because they affirm Biblical views of sexuality and marriage?

Me for one. I have rooted the whole way, from ship-lap to silos and a Target partner thinks my head should be in a guillotine because my only authority is Christ.


How many of your customers would say sincerely, “Please don’t make me support Target, to support you– or by supporting you.”

Also, me.


How many of your customers who buy your products only on occasion would buy your products intentionally if you took yet another stand for Christ?

Absolutely me.


The individual consumer does have collective power through purchase (or refusal), and Bud Light now knows it. But our collective voice could never speak as loudly as yours. If  beer bros can summon enough outrage to make a beer company rethink their alignment, surely Christians can summon the righteous indignation and conviction to make Target do the same.

You are a “lifestyle brand” exclusive to Target. Do their actions reflect your lifestyle?

There’s no way to justify silence here. For anyone.


If they want to continue down this path, and they likely will, let it be over your objection and not without it. There is an opportunity here for Kingdom value and influence. You can bet your hearth and hand there will be Kingdom accountability either way. And it will be far more painful than revenue loss could ever be.


Severing ties with flesh, pride, and principality is always a costly and painful course. That’s okay. He commands such sacrifices, and He honors such sacrifices. Either God can be trusted with reputations and livelihoods, or He can’t. He is worthy of allegiance to Him alone, or He is not.


Before Christ returns, we will ALL choose a side. Might as well choose yours now. What does Target really sell that is so superior or unique, an equal could not be found or… gasp!… lived without?

It sure ain’t androgynous, post-war vibe apparel or over-priced linen sheets. The cute shoes quit a while back… soo…. what? Cute planners?

Buy some stickers and puff-paint. You could do a whole 90’s vibe and successfully avoid paying the salary of someone who makes “To be trans is to know God” pins for kid’s backpacks.

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