Faith, Fire… and Football?

What will we do with this miracle?


The world saw live, or saw later, a 24-year-old young man in more than peak physical condition drop dead before our very eyes… from a hit that didn’t seem that exceptional. But it was.


Exceptional… in a precision location on the body.

Exceptional in timing… mere milliseconds in the cycle of a heartbeat.

Exceptional in audience… a person of influence on the grandest stage, before the entire world.

Exceptional in opportunity… it shed light on a young man of faith, with a family of faith—being faithful.


The questions we ask of miracles and mighty works in Scripture do not change for current events.

—What does this show us about God?

—What does this show us about man?

—Is there a promise to claim?

—Is there an example to follow?

—Is there a command to obey?

—Why has God chosen to reveal Himself and interact with us in this way… as opposed to others?


10 minutes of CPR? He was dead.


Friend, the entire world just saw a man raised from the dead. The world saw grown men drop to their knees and pray to the one, true God— the God that some knew personally and others knew not at all— asking for a miracle.

And they were heard. They were answered.


In life or death, God was always being faithful to Damar, His child. But God chose to heal on earth. Why? Why in this way?


Why do we face trials? Because they expose an active, present faith or an absent, puny faith.


When confronted with the reality of death we saw that Believers cry out to the God who sees, hears, and saves. And we saw, in the last gasps of life, that those who do not know there is a God, hope there is. Or melt in despair.


What will we do with this miracle?

Will our hearts turn to God, who has demonstrated power over life and death, in gratitude, fidelity and obedience?


Or will we be stiff-necked like our fathers, like those who saw the signs and wonders of Jesus and still did not believe? Will we forget the fervent prayers for a miracle, giving glory to man and meds now that the healing has come?


What will we do with this miracle, Church? We of all people should know that miracles, signs, and wonders are very much on purpose— to give boldness to the Body and demand a response from those who witness them.

See and choose to trust and obey.

See and choose to remain in unbelief.


Watch yourself. Signs come with a sorting and separating. We have just seen a global show of God’s power. Dare to ask yourself why that is and why now.


God has put Himself on display on purpose. He has just given the Body the best Gospel conversation starter that could be given. Beaded bracelets and acronyms…? Pssshhh. How about, “Hey! God alone has authority over life and death! Did you see that football player…?”


What will we do with this miracle?

I have seen miracles, signs, and wonders that I can neither unsee or be silent about. There’s no going back, there is only boldly proclaim.


I cannot wait to see what Damar’s response to God’s goodness and mercy is! I cannot wait to see this young man’s response to salvation upon salvation, grace upon grace.

I expect it will be faith and fire.

I expect that is precisely why God, why Damar, why now, and why in this way.


Faith, fire… and football? You betcha! Why not?! God can use any foolish or foul thing for His glory. You and I are proof of that.


Gonna go clap, shout, and sing His praises for a minute now. My God! How marvelous you are! That you show us your glory in our sin!


Whatchoo gonna do with this miracle?

You could start with sharing this?


  1. Pepper Man on January 8, 2023 at 11:32 PM

    Would’ve been better if he didn’t tweet what he did after Buffalo ran back the opening kick in Sunday’s game.

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