The God of the Bible

Did you wonder if the God of the Bible could still captivate, activate and change the whole world at once?
You should not be wondering now. Do you think COVID was outside of His will or awareness?
Ask Pharaoh. Ask kings and presidents how in charge they felt when The Ruler chose to reign them in. HE is the Lord. Over your money and markets, your rest and resistance, over creation and the created, HE reigns.
So, reality washes over in waves. For me those waves are skepticism, then acceptance… and now? Appreciation. Yes, appreciation. Awe, even.
This is the part where we step back and see the big picture, looking for Him in ALL things. I don’t know where or how it started, or when it will end. A thousand things I don’t know and can’t control.
BUT… I know this. Anytime you see the entire world affected and forced into new habits…
*You should be looking for the Lord.*
He has our attention now, does he not?
Your play, your plans, your daily grind and spring break travel? Gone.
The distractions and obligations?
School? Work? Held and on hold.
It all bows before Him.
The origin is irrelevant at this point.
It’s here. He’ll use it. He always uses ALL of it. One man’s pests are another’s promise. What the enemy would use to destroy, the Lord would use to deliver. How creative, grand and thorough is our God?
The Lord casts a sovereign shadow over the whole world, puts both hands on our shoulders and says, “Now, SIT.”
Wait. Slow. Listen. Think. See.
See yourselves humbled.
See me sovereign.
See your yourselves mortal.
See me eternal.
See yourselves in need.
See me provide.
See yourselves question.
See me ALONE, know.
He is requiring global participation in this lesson. I don’t see it all yet. But, you bet your hand sanitizer I am looking for the Lord in this.
We are looking for you now, O God. What a privilege to be alive now, to be watching and waiting, eager to be aware of the Father’s heart and hand in THIS season! To see man’s might and independence, stunned before the Holy God? Friend, you are being given the best evangelistic tool of your lifetime. Go!
What does this show us about God?
What does this show us about man?
Is there a sin to avoid?
A promise to claim?
An example to follow?
Is there someone to tell this truth to?
Father, our prayer is that we see what you have for us in this and ALL things. Cleanse. Clarify. Sanctify. Strip it all away. We will bow to worship or bow to be broken. There is fear or faith and little in between. Let us be filled with faith. Give us wisdom without worry. Be glorified in all of it.

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