Run!! Do not walk!! This is not a test. Danger ahead!

What’s that? Heavens no. Don’t be silly. There is no one with a knife or a gun, no rioters, or armies from abroad. It’s far worse! Take cover! There is a functional, nuclear family ahead… complete with loving marriage between man and wife…  and what’s that with them? NO! Grab the vapors… they have a hatchback and a dog!! The horror! Sweet Death, come quickly. The insanity.


For real though… the absolute insanity.  This week saw a sitting member of the US House make a stunning indictment against some obvious deviants.

“Extremist group Family Heritage Alliance said this morning that the safest place for kids are in families that have a married mom and dad. What a dangerous and un-American belief.” –SD Representative Erin Healy


Parties and politics aside, let’s discuss this from a Biblical worldview. Believe me, there is one to be had. Because God’s Word addresses the family and subsequently God’s people should address the family.


The nuclear family is dangerous and un-American. Hmmm… if only there were studies, we could look to for data to see how the breakdown of the family is impacting society. Or millennia of history and whole fields of study devoted to the rise and fall of societies and empires that could give some clue. Better still, what if there was a current culture that could be observed to see if it declined once the nuclear family was degraded.

Hey Kid, there were. There are. There is. It’s us. How do y’all think our little social experiment is going?


What happened to “follow the science?” I guess follow the science… unless it reveals errors in our thinking, foolishness in our behavior, or wickedness in our hearts?

At least we have culture to be our steady guide, right?! (Checks notes…) I am so sorry, let me correct that. We DO NOT have culture to be our steady guide. This is Babylon, Baby! Culture has lost its ever-loving mind. They C-R-A-Z-Y with a capital CRAY. Culture actually is advocating for marriage to be redefined, family to be rejected, and children to be re-constructed if you catch my drift. And they have been so convincing a good portion of evangelicals “Amen-ed” their efforts.

But even if science wasn’t on the side of the family… God’s Word is. And that is sufficient all by itself.

And even if culture thinks the breakdown of the family is brilliant and beneficial… God does not. And that alone is our standard.


We have normalized evil and stupidity because we couldn’t or wouldn’t articulate an adequate objection or defense of Scripture or were unwilling to defend right and righteous positions when culture came a callin’.


Hey Salty Lady and Sir, there is such a thing as good, better, and best.

You know this if you’ve ever been offered $1, $10, or $100 bucks. One is a better choice. One is the best choice. See how fun that is? And no one would call you anything other than wise for choosing the best. No one would march in front of your office or stand in your yard shouting about how you hated five- and ten-dollar bills. And even if they did, you’d have zero regrets as you changed your cut appointment to color too, bought mini-bundts for the whole office, and ordered pizza for your detractors on the porch. There there, Big Spender. Nothing wrong with being generous but let’s put the rest in the SAVE envelope while we are ahead.


How kind of our God that He tells us what is best for us, even though He knows we will fall short. It’ll be okay because He also knows He is sufficient to fill in the gaps. God’s plan for marriage is good. It is better. And it is best. God’s plan for the family is good. It is better. And it is best. In fact, God’s ideas on things, thoughts about anything, and ways of doing everything are best. Period. Will we miss the mark sometimes? Yes. Is there grace enough for us to be gracious to others? Yes and Amen. But my word, aren’t we better for aiming in the right direction?

Do you know what the Bible says about family? Marriage? Gender? You need to, Buddy. Get in there. Find out. Fix your feet there. They may still call you dangerous or un-American. But there are worse things than being dangerous. Like being foolish. Un-American is irrelevant. Being simply American is an unworthy goal. Holiness is better. Holiness is best.

Discerning God’s best is not meanness towards others. It is wisdom and submission to His authority. Walk in it. Own it. Quit apologizing for it.

Know what the Lord calls you? Accountable.





  1. Kay Eskew on February 17, 2023 at 1:21 AM

    I am Gobsmacked! What a blind generation! Erin Healy has definitely swallowed the coolaid.

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