Cloudy with a Chance of… Coughing, Cancer, and Birth Defects?

The sky turned black in the day, fish floated in streams, animals died in their pins, crops… food… skin… tumors… Plagues in East Palestine?

I don’t know about all of that but everything in that sentence is true, minus the use of the words “tumors” and “plagues.” One remains to be seen and one is difficult to define. While this may not be ancient Egypt and I have yet to see streets teeming with frogs… I do think it’s fair to say the Lord would like our attention and we would be wise to give it. You don’t have to be into eschatology to have your spiritual spidey senses tingle or find it curious that the toxic train became toxic earlier up the track–but passed peacefully through Salem (or over lol) and wasn’t unleashed until Palestine. I mean come on, y’all. The Lord knows we are simple, and He speaks plainer than you’d imagine. If you see a man named Moses on TV with an evacuation plan–you might as well get your shoutin’ shoes and water wings on ’cause we going somewhere!


Let’s do a quick comparison of recent events.

Dorothy Gail Xi Ping’s rogue balloon… now multiplied by four. Recent education/mental health statistics showing our children more at risk, regressed, suicidal, and hopeless than ever. A toxic cloud created over a city on purpose, killing some animals instantly and government officials in hazmat suits telling the residents the water is fine to drink.

And the Biblical view of family is the most dangerous thing we face??


That should seem incongruous. Because it is. We love our buzz words right now… inequality, disparity… We have become super sleuths at detecting inconsistency though we almost always get the root or resolution wrong. Well, here you go Hell Hounds. Sniff away at our culture and see if you can find the discrepancies.


We have made idols of earth and environment. But we despise Creation.

We have made idols of children. But we do not defend or protect them from our vice.

We have made idols of time and tomorrow. But we laugh at eternity.

We are the least devoted and worst worshippers ever. 

How much do we really care about the environment and dangerous emissions? This much. How much do we really care about humanity? This much. How much do we really care about the future? This much.


It’s as if the sacred is not really that sacred after all. The things we say we value and treasure, are more just tools for seasons to win elections or friends. But these things clearly are not core values or convictions–or our actions would reflect them.

Toxic is right. Only the most contaminated and compromised could look into a sky this dark, into the worried faces of farmers and parents, and the burning, teary eyes of children and boast competence or compassion.


Sinful man seeks to conceal sinful hearts. But inconsistency is the tell you can’t cover and the habit you can’t hide, a poor cloak for weakness and wickedness. Friend, God has not just revealed inconsistency. He has splashed it across the sky in poisoned plumes and stinging streaks of black. Judgement and salvation go hand in hand. This is His way. Consequence and compassion. We get what we get, but now we know what we got.

Revelation has always been His mercy and kindness to us. BELIEVE HIM. RECEIVE HIM.


They mock Him when they do not fear.

We mock Him when we do not believe. Even though we see. We may not be in Egypt, and these may not be plagues. But the hardened heart of Pharoah is alive and beating in us all when we reject His identity and resist His authority. Lub dub, lub dub. Keeping perfect time to our tombs.

Waken the sleepers.

Judge the oppressors.



  1. Kay Eskew on February 17, 2023 at 1:12 AM

    And some worship the creation instead of the Creator! On the nail again!

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