Singing, Satan, Statues Oh My!

I have no comment on the Grammys because I didn’t watch them. They were wicked last year and the year before, and the year before…


Friends, “thou shalt FLEE FROM…” sin, immorality, idolatry… does not mean continue to hang out places where these things undoubtedly will be and then be shocked when they show up.


Kid, they were worshipping the devil long before anyone dressed up as him.


If you are still a spectator of this spiritual spectacle, why are you still watching? What line are you waiting on them to cross?

The one where they blaspheme God? Check.

The one where they simulate sex? Check.

An orgy? Done that.

Glorify sexual immorality? Every year.

Pedophilia? Yep.

Objectify women? When don’t they?

Celebrate abortion? Props and everything.

The world has been pretty clear what it values and offers to the masses. Believe them. With every song, show, and celebration they are broadcasting loud and clear, “We are hopelessly lost apart from Jesus!” If they are so bold in their depravity, why would we not meet them with a boldness in holiness and hope?

Only fools would continue to draw from a poisoned well and be surprised when death is served to the thirsty.

Sure enough, the Days of Lot look a lot like Sodom and Gomorrah.



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