Strike Three! LA’s Baseball Team Dodges Wisdom

Everybody ready for June and what I’m sure will be a delightful Pride Month? Everybody have their “Jesus is the Only Banner Over Me” flags ready to wave and their Berean helmet handy to test everything against His Word? Fantastic.

It was looking promising for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Early in the inning they intended to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence— a group of “nuns” in drag who openly mock Christ, the church, and all manner of faith. The “Sisters” were being given a Community Hero Award for their significant and selfless work in the community. A play that elicited boos and jeers from the fans.


The Dodgers recovered however, reversing this decision and apologizing to their catholic fans for what was obviously a poor choice. Until boos and jeers from left field… and trans fans told them their new position was also an unforced error. Don’t wanna offend a parody group of pagans over the sincerely religious, am I right?!

It’s exhausting having core values dictated by whichever group is louder or lovelier at any given moment. Yesterday’s strike is today’s homerun and today’s homer is a foul.


And now we are back to welcoming the “Twisted Sisters,” and groveling for not pretending their pretend religious group was a real religious group.  The short stopping Dodgers went on to drip apologetic accolades, going so far as to thank this group for their life-saving work in the community, of which I am just dying to see proof of.

Shame on you, Dodgers. How could you have mistaken the piety of the Hunky Jesus Easter Pageant for parody?? It oozes holiness does it not?


The Dodgers reversed course after learning from Bud Light’s recent adventures in diplomacy and marketing greatness. Bud Light, who faced tremendous backlash for boosting Dylan Mulvaney in an effort to attract a new, less fratty consumer, now faces backlash from the LGBTQ community… for facing backlash from the straight beer drinker community. You just can’t win. Unless your Coors.


And just for fun because it’s summer, let’s go ahead and say the quiet part out loud. Why do the Dodgers fear angering 50 people who represent a minuscule fraction of the population more than they fear angering ALL OF CHRISTENDOM?? Well because one group is unstable, irrational, and cannot be trusted to object safely or civilly. Not to name names, but I’d look for Molotov cocktails in the camp with somebody who goes by “Porn Again Believer” and has ordained Rosie O’Donnell as a saint. I. KID. YOU. NOT.  Google it. Or actually don’t Google it, just trust me. I did.

It’s wickedness. It’s disturbed. It’s insanity. They know it. We know it.

And rather than God forbid we reject or rebuke it, we normalize it because we are afraid of what they will do if we don’t. 


And herein lies the valuable lesson. YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO PLEASE MAN INSTEAD OF GOD. Not flannel lumber-jackish enough. Not RuPaul’s Roadshow enough. Culture and corporation have got to be dizzy from relenting to and rolling with such extreme demands. It’s loyalty whiplash. Nothing decided by what is actually right or wrong, what is worst or best. Values are determined by “which group do I fear the most?” That’s a swing and a miss every time.


Hey BORN AGAIN BELIEVER, the Dodgers have cowardice as a luxury. YOU DO NOT.  As clear as Scripture is about male and female, it is equally clear about taking the Lord’s name in vain, having other God’s before Him, bearing false witness, giving false testimony, fearing man, not fearing the Lord, and calling evil good. Woe and wrath, my party people. Both will make for a long ballgame.

Fear the Lord alone.

Seek Him first.

Seek His righteousness first.

Worry about the rest, none.

He will not be mocked. Not by blasphemous “nuns,” or fickle, fair-weather fans. At some point, we all stand before the Judge at Home, who saw everything, knows everything, and is fooled by nothing. And friend, HE CALLS IT RIGHTLY EVERY TIME. Not everyone who hits makes it home, not everyone who is a fan-favorite makes the team. If you catch my drift.



  1. Sharon Coats on May 25, 2023 at 3:39 AM

    I could not believe when I saw this display by these fake nuns, what blasphemy ! If I could put my feelings about this into words I would use your words. As Christians, we have to stop living in fear of this small minority!

    • Shara Clemments on May 26, 2023 at 12:31 AM

      I had not heard this… thanks for your words and being bold… salty

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